Meeting your needs

Funerals are a very personal events and often people will have different requirements. On this page you will get information to help you arrange the funeral you want for a loved one.



Christians believe that when someone dies, they are judged by God. Their death is seen as the end of their life on earth. A funeral is held for friends and family to grieve for the person who has died and give thanks for their life.

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Cremation is not allowed in Jewish law and it is traditional for burial to take place as soon as possible after death. The funeral ceremony is kept very simple and it is not customary to have flowers. Orthodox custom is to put pebbles on the grave as a sign that people have visited to pay respects.

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Like other religions, Islam has laws and customs regarding the preparation of the body and ceremony. It is important that the burial takes place as soon as possible after death and some cemeteries have special provisions to cover weekends and Bank Holidays.

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The Buddha's body was cremated and this has set the example for many Buddhists, although Buddhists of different nationalities have varying funeral customs.

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There are several organisations that offer advice on meaningful funeral services that have nothing to do with Christianity nor any other religious belief.

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