Arranging a Funeral

Whether you are arranging a funeral for a loved one, or planning your own, all the information that you will need is right here.

Our meeting your needs page will help get you started with the basics. Here we provide information on the servicing you would expect at both religious and non-religious funerals, and how you can start to arranging a funeral for a loved one.

Information on the different types of burials is available on our caring for the deceased page. Here you can learn about sea burials, cryonics, repatriation and much more.

If you are thinking about your own funeral and want to setup a plan to erase the burden on your loved ones, we can get you started on our planning your funeral page. Here we cover everything from funeral music to will writing, so that you can ensure your funeral is exactly how you want it to be.

The cost of a funeral can seem like a huge burden on top of everything else when arranging a funeral. Our costs page will help you understand the sorts of fees you might have to pay.

Our alternative funerals page has information on different types of funeral services. Here you can learn about DIY funerals and green funerals, as well as the services available for pets.

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