125 Years of Passion & Performance

In celebration of our 125 years of excellent service we have created this platform, where you can find your way to play. We are challenging you to bring your creativity to life in full colour. Our main objective at Yamaha is to create Kando*, allowing inspiration to enrich our minds and unite people with the power of sound.

*Kando: An inspired state of mind.

Our story is told with every powerful performance.
Dare to Play and become part of the Yamaha Story.

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We see life in colour, now we want to hear in colour. Create a unique musical interpretation of any of the selected seven colours. Whether it leaves you feeling blue, green with envy or seeing red, we want to experience it. Things go grey when you forget to play. Be a Yamaha player. Keep on playing.

To enter the competition, complete these three simple steps.
Check the countdown above to see how many days are left to enter.

Step 1: Create

  • Choose one colour (red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue or purple) and bring it alive through sound.
  • Be creative. Use an instrument, software, vocals or an unfamiliar object to create your interpretation.

Step 2: Connect

  • Upload your piece to your SoundCloud account.
  • Label the sound the colour that you are interpreting by writing its name in the title. Ensure that it is one of the seven selected colours. Unsure what they are? See the list in Step 1.
  • Place the URL of this website in the description of the song.
  • Submit the URL of the sound on SoundCloud in the box below.

Step 3: Share

  • Share the URL of your sound on SoundCloud with all your friends. Get heard and ensure that you are one of the finalists. It is simple: get as many “likes” as possible on SoundCloud.

Submit your entry here:

Paste a link to your piece on SoundCloud in the box below, complete reCaptcha and hit submit.

How do I win?

Seven people with the biggest amount of SoundCloud likes in each category will move to the finals. A panel of judges will then evaluate all of the finalists' entires and choose one winner per colour. See what you can win in the Prize section.

Any questions? Ask on our Facebook page or Tweet us @YamahaPlayer.


We will have seven winners, one for each colour category. And each of them will receive not one, but three different prizes! Have a look on what we have to offer:

Picture of a flute

Yamaha Music School Scholarship

We are offering you a place at the Yamaha Music School. Choose between our diverse institutions in 40 countries around the world.

We allow passionate musicians to further develop their skills in our Yamaha Music Schools. Found in 40 different countries they are globally renowned for their excellence. 710,000 Students have already had the privilege to develop within Yamaha’s playground sharing their enthusiasm with the best.

Learn more about the Yamaha Music School...

Picture of a drum set

Limited Edition Instrument

You will also receive the 125th limited edition instrument of your choice. Only 7 will be made, one for every colour.

We are experts in making musical instruments. Since 1889, when Mr. Torakusu Yamaha established the company, we have produced 6.15 million instruments that have harnessed the passion of each player.

Browse our instruments and see which one you want to win...

Picture of a studio

Studio Time

We are taking it a step further, ensuring that you can apply and develop the skills that you have acquired. This is your opportunity to get heard, create something completely new or record something that you have already devised. You are offered time with our producers for assistance or advice. Create a powerful product that you can promote proudly!

Learn more about the equipment available...


Listen to the unique interpretations of each colour below. Is a sound inspiring you to play? Is there a sound standing out and shinning bright? Are you experiencing the same colour when listening to a sound or something completely different? Tell us by posting it on our Facebook page or Tweet us the song and your thoughts using #YamahaPlayer.

Dare to play!

Dare to play!

Dare to play!

Dare to play!