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A seaside village suffers from famine. Located on piles driven into the bottom of the bay, its only food is fish. However, for unknown reasons, every week there are fewer and fewer of those. Panic begins to embrace the local people, as small yields are not able to feed everyone.

Mei Li, the daughter of High Priest in the village, every day prays to the gods for help. One day, her prayers are heard and a mysteriously looking boy appears in the temple.

Yuseong is a twenty year old Korean student, living in a dorm in Seoul. He studies Game Development and his great passion are MMORPGs. His friends play a game called ‘Disease’ (질병 - Jilbyeong), which aims to discover the cause of hunger in a village, situated in a shallow and picturesque bay somewhere in East-Asia. The main character of this game is a girl named Mei Li. One day, while launching the game for the first time, Yuseong feels a huge headache and loses his consciousness. When he awakens, he realizes that he is in the world of the ‘Disease’, sitting on the altar of the temple, looking at shocked Mei Li in front of him.

Yuseong is sure that he must be dreaming and if it is a dream, why would not he enjoy it? He decides to help the girl to find the cause of the hunger. Looking at the breeding grounds of fish, they discover that the Mei Li’s world is slowly absorbed by a computer virus. And this is how the battle begins.


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Portrait of Yuseong


Student at Korea University who has lost consciousness while playing Jilbyeong and woke up inside of the game... Is he dreaming? Or are the worlds somehow connected?

Portrait of Mei Li

Mei Li

Daughter of the High Priest and head of the Temple Guardians in the village. Blessed with Gods' powers she can use sacred magic. Brave, wise and kind.

Portrait of Searos


Stay tuned to learn more about this character!

Portrait of Aranys


Stay tuned to learn more about this character!


The world of Jilbyeong is based on ancient East-Asian seaside villages, located in tropical bays full of sunshine and fish. The story focuses on one particular village. Its small population spends most of their time fishing, taking care of their houses built on water and praying in shrines. Similarily to other villages in the region, this community has its own temple, built on one of the nearby mountains. Each of the major temples has its High Priest whose main duty is to lead the people and make sure that Gods protect their settlement. His daughter, Mei Li, is one of the "blessed ones", meaning that she can communicate with the Gods and use a fraction of their powers to heal and bless other people. Mei Li is also the leader of Temple Guardians - a group of people who learn combat in order to protect the temple in case of war. It is the Gods' will to decide who gains access to their powers. According to the ancient books, only the purest, wisest and kindest in the community have a chance to become "blessed".

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