Important Information

LABDA Committee Members

Chairman (and Befriender)

Pat Payne

Computer / Library Books Co-ordinator

David Todd

Helpline / Membership / Computer Club (and Befriender)

Jane Todd

Helpline (and Befriender)

Karen Tate

Technology Support

Graham Todd


Sue Itzinger

Committee Members

Vera Bailey | Conchita Redmond

Fionna Pilgrim | Michelle Doughty

Angela Stalker | Rosy Robinson

Andrew Stalker

Computer Club

The programme used has been especially designed for dyslexic pupils and has many features which aid learning as well as making it fun.

LABDA subsidises this activity, so the Computer Club is only available to members of LABDA. A charge of 4 pound per hour lesson goes towards the cost of hiring the facilities, no payment goes to any of the volunteers.

If you are interested in this course and would like to give it a try please phone Jane on the helpline (01274) 771 153.

We do not have an age limit so if adults would like to learn a new skill we will be happy to see you.

All other services we offer in LABDA are free.


LABDA has a very extensive library which we lend to our members.

The library books are usually available to members at the Computer Club on the last Saturday of the month. Please phone our helpline to make sure that we are going to be there or you might have a wasted journey.

We ask that members leave a cheque with us to cover the price of the book. Please note that the cheque will be cashed if you do not return the book.