Who can use Carenet?
Disability carers and people looking for disability carers can use Carenet.

What does using Carenet cost?
Right now, Carenet is free to use, and it will remain free to use for the first 50 users to join and help make this something amazing. From then on, the fee will be a nominal contribution to help us cover our overheads.

Are Carenet responsible for the carers and employers listed on this website?
No, anyone is free to create an account on Carenet. We simply provide connections, so we advise exercising caution with the people you meet on Carenet, as with any other website.

It doesn't look like there's many people using this in my area, what's the point in me joining?
Right now, Carenet is brand new. There may not be many carers and employers in your area, but we are only going to be getting bigger. The way we see it, if you join as the first user in your area, you are in a unique position when carers and employers search for you - but you won't be the only one for long!

Got a question that's not listed here? Send us an email via the 'Contact' link and we'll get back to you. If we think it's a good one, we'll also put it up here so other people can benefit.