Please take a look at our frequently asked questions. If you have any problems with Rule Your Region website that haven't been addressed yet, feel free to contact us on We'll do our best to help you!

I can’t upload my image, what is wrong?

First of all, check if you're uploading an image for the right location. Next, go into properties of the file to see if GPS tags are saved (there should be a GPS section in details of the image) and the GPS tagging is turned on in your camera. If you still can't locate the problem, please, contact us on

I can’t find any locations!

Try using our search routes page. You can enter your post code to the search bar and find your nearest locations. If there are none available in your area, don't worry! Keep on checking our website. Every month we add new locations and hope to cover whole England soon!

What if I don’t have a GPS enabled device?

Unfortunately, currently you need a GPS enabled device to take part in our competition. However, we are working on this! Please bear with us and keep checking the website to find out more.

Someone has already reached all the locations. Is there any way they have cheated?

At Rule Your Region we encourage a fair play during any stage of the competition. However we do understand that some people may provide false information and we take this very seriously. We look into every upload individually and use the latest GPS tracking technology to ensure the fairest competition.

Why can't I see profiles of my friends?

We're well aware that at the moment Rule Your Region is a very limited system. Currently you can see only your own profile but we're working really hard to bring the functionality of social platform to our website. In the near future you should be able to follow your friends' profiles and updates. We're also planning to let users share their achievements on popular social platforms like Facebook on Twitter. Keep on checking our website for updates!